Country-level branding: What should be Brazil´s message?


Brazil should be concerned with the message it sends to the world, in addition to the definition of regional targets for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and trade (link to previous post here). While some countries are stereotyped and a few others are not, many of them invest in very-focused, specific messages that they deliver to the world. An ordinary marketing expression applied to Brazil would be: The country needs to identify its brand and communicate it to global markets in order to facilitate business. Table 1 presents a simplified list of general strenghts and qualities associated with selected countries. From an international trade perspective, Brazil sends no clear message to investors worldwide.

Country Business strengths and messages associated with to country
India IT services, software programming, spiritual life
Germany Engineering, precision, rigor
Japan High technology, R&D, consumer electronics
US Innovation, capitalism, multinationals, top level universities, technology
UK Think-tanks, English language, Oxbridge, tradition, royalty, stability
France Aerospace  technology, wines, fashion, sophistication, gastronomy,
China Industry, multinationals, low-cost manufacturing
Italy Fashion, design, arts, gastronomy, history
Brazil Rain forest, exotic places.

Table 1: Messages delivered by several countries

CountryBrand Image

An interesting free report about country-level brands can be downloaded for free from FutureBrand (a consultancy) website. The material presents major points about the messages delivered by several countries and points out that Latin America has potential for strong country brands but currenly no country in the region developed a strong brand worldwide.

As usual, a question to my demanding readers: Do you know a country that positively changed its message over time?

Link to Country Brand Image report developed by FutureBrand here

Link to image of flags here

Image of country ranking taken from FutureBrand´s Country Brand Index 2014-2015.

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