Evodio Kaltenecker is responsible for management research and executive education in international business school (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Management Center Innsbruck, Cornell University Business School). Focused on strategy, Latin american countries, emerging market multinationals and international business. Frequently interviewed by specialized media to provide insights about business matters: Financial Times, Valor Econômico, O Globo, IstoÉDinheiro, O Estado de São Paulo, Providence News e The View (Banco ING). Thought leadership with participation with several think-tanks and organizations such as FNDCAEB and Galeazzi Associates. Contributor to Innovation Excellence, an organization focused on improvement of innovation practices. Board Member of  Corr Analystics. Author of the book “Quality According to Garvin”, listed among ten must-read book in quality management. B.S. in Metallurgy by Military Institute of Technology (IME), M.Sc in Industrial Engineering by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ/Coppe), MBA bt Harvard University (Harvard Business School) and Ph.D. in internationalization strategy and digital value chains by Polytechnic School at University of São Paulo (POLI/USP).

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